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My Family History


I had always known that I had Scottish, French, Canadian and Indian blood on my father's side. My mother's side was all Italian as her parents immigrated from Italy when they were children.   My father and mother were divorced when I was 3 and my mother died in 1994 before I started getting interested so I have no family stories to help me in my search. 

My maiden name is MacDonald.  I had my father's birthdate and through a friend who had just bought a program we found his name and the fact that he was deceased.  I sent off for his Social Security application which verified that this name was indeed my father.    It also gave me my grandparents name.    But unfortunately for me, it seems that Vincent (my father) and Arthur (his dad) are very common names and there are quite a few of them.  My grandmother's last name, Hall, is also very common.

I haven't had a lot of time to work on it  but this is what I know about my family so far:

Dad is Vincent Sherwood MacDonald, born in Wakefield New Hampshire Aug 21, 1921, deceased in Hudson City New Jersey, June  30, 1968.   Applied for SS in Everett MA where he married my Mother and where I was also born.  He was in the Army in Tx where he was discharged from a hospital.  Then we went back to Everett.  His parents were Arthur Wellington MacDonald and Leona Mary Hall.  All i know about them is that they lived in Maine and New Hampshire.  Leona remarried someone named Smith.

Mom is Carmella Theresa Uliano MacDonald born in Everett MA  Nov. 11, 1916.  There are many versions of Uliano.  The funeral home receipt for her father used Juliano.  My Aunt thinks that Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani is a distant cousin.  I've also found the spelling  Iuliano.   We believe the people doing the recording when they immigrated just used their best interpretation of the way the name sounded. Grandad was John Juliano and immigrated to America from Naples Italy when he was 12.   Grandmom another common name, Josephine DeSimone.  Lots of DeSimones.  She died in the flu epidemicof 1918. They had 2 daughters.  My mom and an older sister  Mary.

5/30/05    Finally received my dad's birth certificate.  It came in the name of Vincent Sherwood McDonald.  Not MACDonald.  Oh oh, now what do i do.  Are we MacDonald's or McDonalds.  Found out that he was the 6th child.  But I've only heard of one sister, Verna.  Grandfather Arthur is also listed as McDonald was 37 at the time of Vincent's death and was a brakeman, also born in Wakefield NH so he was born in 1884 thereabouts.    Grandmom Leona was born in Sawyer River, NH and was 35 so she was born around 1886, she's listed as a housewife.       In January I sent off for my dad's death certificate but still have not heard back from the state of NJ. 

1/31/06   Long time since I updated.  Now have Arthur's Birth Certificate.   He was born on Jan 14, 1882 in Wakefield.  His father is Malcolm McDonald born in Prince Edward Island and Malcolm married  Amanda Crockett from Mechanic Falls, ME. 

They couldn't find birth certificate for Leona, Arthur's wife. 

Vincent was in Army from 1942-1943 and discharged from McClsokey en Hosp. in Temple Tx.  It's no longer there so don't know where those records would be.  The St. Louis fire in 1973 destroyed most of his military records.

I have Arthur's draft registration card for WWI.  Once I knew about McDonald we found some extra items.

Pulled from the 1900 census is Amanda being born in May 1853 in Mechanics Falls ME and Malcolm born Aug 1844 in Canada. They had 8 children with Arthur being the 3rd living.

Arthur is on the 1920 census but not the 1930 so maybe he died during WWI.


I finally received the death certificate of Vincent from NJ.  He died Jun 30 in Hudson County but was buried in NH.  Haven't found out where yet.


Lots has happened since I last updated. My great great grandfatherAlexander immigrated from Scotland and married a McPherson. . His son Malcolm was born in Pleasant Valley, Prince Edward Island.

Malcolm's wife Amanda's mother married a Crockett and I guess they moved to Wakefield and lived next door to Malcolm.

The lineage of Alexander McDonald as we know it so far is listed on this page

A half brother Scot MacDonald found me on my birthday in 2008. My father Vincent had 3 marriages after he and my
my mother divorced. Winifred Darling-no chldren that we know of, Dolores Kushida- they had Michael George and Lawrence Scot and the 4th wife Jessica who is now an Iacobucci and lives in Hudson County NJ. They had a daughter Linda Ann